Phoenix-Jade Rein LPIA

Licensed Public Adjuster

TX Lic: #2504045

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Welcome to Phoenix-Jade Rein LPIA

Public Insurance Adjusting and Claims Consulting

I represent the interest of the policyholder and not those of the insurance companies. I bring a great deal of experience from the fields of construction, restoration, commercial glazing, insurance and law to my career as a public insurance adjuster. My first experience with working a catastrophe was in 1994. I was working for a restoration company when a F4 tornado hit the town of Lancaster, Tx., destroying close to 80% of the town in 1994. The company played a large role in rebuilding the town of Lancaster, allowing me to get first hand experience with what it takes to restore residential and commercial policyholders to pre-loss condition.

If your home, business or commercial property has suffered a loss, you have come to the right place. I understand what it takes to fully restore a policyholder's property to it's pre-loss condition and am here to help you through the intricacies of the claims process. As your personal claims advocate, my job is to make sure every detail of your claim is covered, handled properly and in a timely manner, you and your claim receive the representation you both deserve and to settle your claim for the maximum amount.

It can be quite challenging, stressful and overwhelming for the policyholder to try and handle their claim on their own. I am here to help you through this process and to see to it that you are treated fairly and not taken advantage of by your insurer. 


In the State of Texas and many other states, it is illegal for anyone, other than a licensed public adjuster or attorney, to advertise claims assistance or assist the policyholder in negotiating, settling or affecting the outcome of a claim. This includes contractors, roofing companies, restoration companies, general contractors, etc. Chapter 4102 of the Texas Insurance Code prohibits a “person” from acting as a public insurance adjuster in Texas without a license. 4102.001(2). And a “public insurance adjuster” is “a person who, for direct, indirect, or any other compensation acts on behalf of an insured in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a claim or claims” while acting as a public insurance adjuster and “also includes advertising, soliciting business, and holding oneself out to the public as an adjuster of claims.”