Dena Corbin, LPIA
TX Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

TX Lic: #2504045

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"don't let your claim be the next catastrophe!"

What is a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters are licensed insurance professionals who are hired to represent

 the policyholder and their residential or commercial property loss claims when 

disaster strikes. They are professional 

insurance claims advocates, fiduciaries, negotiators and consultants who only 

represent the policyholder. They do not represent the insurance company. Public adjusters usually come with a background in, experience and knowledge of residential and or commercial construction, restoration, roofing, law, other areas of insurance, mitigation, fire inspecting, etc. 

What does a Public Adjuster do?

A public adjuster does many things. They 

represent the policy holder only, they 

gather and document evidence, thoroughly investigate the claim, file the claim, 

advocates on behalf of the policy holder, negotiates and settles claims

attends inspections, meets with other 

field experts, consults, 

reviews policies, educates the policy 

holder, provides appraisals services, handles and manages the claims process from beginning 

 end while, providing expertise 

to the policyholder.

Why hire a Public Adjuster? 

Public adjusters understand the complexity of insurance policies and the claims settlement process. This is an area that can become very frustrating and overwhelming for the policyholder when it comes to settling claims. A public adjuster is trained to know what is critically needed during all phases of the claims settlement process and are experts in negotiating a fair settlement amount. If you have ever filed a claim and been denied, under paid and or not treated fairly, this is why having a public adjuster on your side, can be worth it.

Types of claims a Public Adjuster handles

Denied and Underpaid Claims,

Building and Roof Collapse Claims,

 Civil Unrest and Earthquake Claims

Explosion and Fire Claims, 

Flooding, Hail, and Hurricane Claims

Tornado and Wind Claims

Water and Smoke Damage Claims

Theft and Vandalism Claims

Business Interruptions Claims

Builder's Risk Claims
Mechanical Breakdowns Claims

Electrical, Plumbing Claims

Commercial Claims and many others.